Speech Database : providing a shared speech repository

History, outline of the project and the nature of the recording information are outlined in the documentation: Mitchell and Delbridge Tapes Companion Documents.This database provides for retieval of sound archives according to a variety of properties associated with the recordings of the school students who took part in the Mitchell & Delbridge Survey. These properties are:

  • UID - unique identification number
  • State
  • Town/City
  • School
  • Date of recording
  • Tape number & speaker number on tape
  • Sex
  • Place of birth (of student)
  • Father's place of birth
  • Father's occupation
  • Mother's place of birth
  • Miscellaneous
  • Environment

These properties are explained in the "Companion Documents - History". Each student recording will have information in some but not all of these fields. Note that additional information is available in the section "Companion Documents - Annotations to the Database". To perform a search for speech files, enter the key words you wish to use to guide your search into the fields and press the submit button.

For example, entering "QLD" in the state field will retrieve a list of records for all recordings made in Queensland. (This may take a while). Entering part of a key will match all fields containing that string, for example, "Mor" in the town field may find records pertaining to "Moree" and "Morebank".

Associated with each record are several sound files. By clicking on the sound file path name the sound file may be downloaded and played on your host computer using whatever sound playing utility you may have locally.

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The Speech database was developed in association with
Electrical and Information Engineering and Research Portfolio University of Sydney.
Implementation by: Keir Vaughan-Taylor (et al)